Piramida Concert

The Piramida Concert by Efterklang & Copenhagen Phil was recorded live at Copenhagen's Royal Academy of Music's Concert Hall in October 2012. Over the course of two sold-out nights Efterklang collaborated with classical orchestra Copenhagen Phil to perform the Danish act's fourth album Piramida in its entirety. It was originally staged at the Sydney Opera House in May 2012, where we designed the stage design and video projections for the concert as part of our thesis project at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. Our album artwork for The Piramida Concert is based on the hand animated visuals that we created for the concert’s video projections, which were inspired by early animations from the 1920’s. The artwork also includes black & white photographs of the performance in Copenhagen.

The music video below is directed by Andreas Kofoed, featuring old film recordings from Piramida, excerpts from Andreas’ documentary about the Piramida album, as well as animations from our animated projections.

Album artwork
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