DMJX 75 year anniversary

We were invited by Enigma Museum (the Danish Museum of Post and Telecommunication) to create the visual identity and exhibition design for DMJX’s 75th anniversary. DMJX, the Danish school of Media and Journalism, was the first school to educate news and photo journalists and holds a prominent position in Danish media and communication history. 

The design of the exhibition modules is centered around shapes that derive from the exhibition logo and reference concepts like communication, perspective and transmission – all related to the subjects of media and communication. Transmission is the underlying concept behind our logo, where the design bears visual references to telegraph signals and radio waves as well as early photography. With its intersecting lines, curves and shapes, the logo seems to change perspective depending on who is looking, as a reminder of the ever-changing perspectives in journalism and media. The logotype is assembled from classic and modern sans serif fonts, to also touch upon the history of typography, as an important player in the media landscape.

Enigma Museum
Exhibition design

Commissioned by Enigma Museum
Photography by Brian Buchard

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