Efterklang Windflowers

Every year in April, a blanket of small flowers appear in the Danish forests. They are a symbol of hope and the coming of spring, disappearing as quickly as they came and reminding us of nature's continuous cycle. They quickly wilt if you pick them, and they have a particular fragility to them. These flowers are known as windflowers – or anemoner in Danish. 

For Efterklang's album Windflowers, out October 8th 2021 on Cityslang, we chose to work with frozen flowers. In creating the artwork we decided to freeze a fresh windflower into a big block of ice. The tiny flower is as frozen in time, in an attempt at perpetuating its vulnerability while also suffocating that same vulnerability. In time the ice will melt and the flower will inevitably die, leaving no trace.

Album artwork

Photographs by Tine Bek

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