Kibun – Rhythm

Kibun is the name of our side project for hand crafted arts and interior products. Our first Kibun project, launched in 2020, is a series of textile panels. Visit our Kibun website here.

Using subtle aesthetics and a warm Nordic touch, the series Rhythm depicts transitions in light and hue, in a hyperstylistic investigation of nature’s rhythms: the light shifting at dusk and dawn, a rising sun, or the falling of rain. The panels are made using carefully selected colours, showing gradual movement from warm to cold, and from light to dark. They can be hung against a wall or used to define a space within a room. Kibun tapestries are made with the wool upholstery textile Remix 2 from Kvadrat. Visit our Kibun instagram here.

Non Commissioned

Photography by Enok Holsegaard
& Maja Karen Hansen

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