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Solo show titled Losing the Plot at Kemistry Gallery in London. The theme of the show was information graphics; from signage, charts and topographical studies to patterns, grids and plots. In most contexts information graphics is the discipline of organizing information in ways that draw on locally known visual language, but seen with an outsider's eye, often such information can be perceived as no more than an abstract pattern. We wanted to work with information in this abstract form, where the actual content and data is left a mystery, and only the form is present, letting the viewer decide which contents to assign the images.

The show consisted of a series of graphic experiments that are all a sort of ‘visual word game’ on the idea of collecting data, like distorted diagrams without context or information. Most of the pieces were made of painted wood, but there was also a series of screen printed posters and a mobile consisting of 600 painted wooden sticks. Apart from being visual interpretations of information graphics, several of the pieces were also inspired by textiles and woven grids as well as 60's opart. Some of the pieces were also studies of light, colour reflection and shadow.

Kemistry Gallery
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Thank you to everyone who helped us with wood work, painting, sanding and screen printing: Linn Wie, Gry Futtrup Rasmussen, Lasse Gyrn, Ida Hannibal, Anine Nilsson, Rasmus Stolberg, Hayley Davis, Louise Ryberg, Caritas Fischer and Jody Barton.

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