LAFA China

In May 2010, we were invited to visit LAFA, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in the NorthEast of China, where we did a one-week workshop for 80 undergraduate students from LAFA's Package & Design Department.

We wanted to organize a workshop that would result in a memorable event for the 80 students – and in which everyone would be able to express themselves individually, while also being a part of creating an installation with an interesting visual outcome.

We designed an event based on the concept of the meal. Considering the cultural diversity in table setting and culinary traditions, we felt that the meal as a theme could serve as a huge resource of visual inspiration. We asked the students to let go of convention and imagine what a meal can be, while creating a plate of food made out of only paper. The result was a huge paper dinner feast at a table with seats for all 80, meant to mimic the symbolic meals we know from milestones in life and in history.

Student Workshop
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