Magic Chairs

We created the artwork for Efterklang’s third album called Magic Chairs released in 2009 on 4AD. We spent a very long time working on the artwork for this release, and it remains one of our all-time favourite projects. The previous album covers we made for Efterklang were all illustrated, so this time we wanted to try something else and work with photography, in a scenario where we could orchestrate handmade elements – so in a sense we were still illustrating but in a real life setting. We designed and made all the ribbons by hand and once again we worked with photographer Brian Buchard. We chose the location of Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen and for the photoshoot we had the help of 25 teenage gymnasts that were experts at ribbon dancing. However at the end we decided together with Brian that the image would be more magical if you could no longer see people in it but only their traces.

Album artwork

Photography by Brian Buchard

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