Date: September 2012
Client: Efterklang, Rumraket & 4AD

We created the visual identity and album artwork for Efterklang's 4th album Piramida released September 2012 on 4AD. The artwork for the album consists of a handful of illustrated planets and symbols as well as photographs taken by Efterklang on their expedition to Piramida, an abandonned Russian coal mining town in Spitzbergen, in which they collected sounds later used to compose the ten tracks on the album. Both the vinyl and the CD features a booklet containing above mentioned imagery, including pages of semi-transparent paper. You can buy a copy of the album on vinyl or CD here, download it on iTunes or stream via Spotify. Please note, only the first limited run of the CD is in this book format.

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Single cover for the first single 'Apples'

And here is our edible version of the cover, a special surprise for Efterklang's release party...