Date: May 2010
Personal work

In May 2010, we were invited to visit LAFA, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in the NorthEeast of China, where we did a one-week workshop for 80 undergraduate students from LAFA's Package & Design Department.

We wanted to have a workshop that would result in a big event that could be a memorable experience for the students – and where everyone would be able to express themselves individually, while being a part of a project together. So our goal was: How can 80 creative minds take part in the performance of a special event, in which each student's personal work combined can create an installation with an interesting visual outcome?

We designed an event based on the concept of the meal, with the aim of creating a symbolic dinner feast.
Considering the cultural diversity in table setting and culinary traditions, we felt that the meal as a theme could serve as a huge resource of visual inspiration: Anywhere in the world, visual presentation of food is an important part of serving a meal – both with regards to the food itself but also to the decoration of the table. We asked the students to let go of convention and imagine what a meal can be. So the assignment was to create a plate of food made out of only paper .The result was a huge paper dinner feast at a table with seats for all 80. A banquet meant to mimic the symbolic meals we know from milestones in life and in history.

The students presentinng ideas to eachother.

The workshop was divided into several phases: First of all a research phase followed by a small sketch assignment. The construction of the actual food plate was split in two: mid-way we had individual talks with all of the students, guiding them with their work-in-progress and how to develop it further. Finally we all gathered at LAFA's student cafeteria at a table 45 meters long.

Apart from the workshop at LAFA, we also held several lectures and guest talks – including one at the Dalian Polytechnic University, and at CAFA, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

We were originally invited to come to the school by post-graduate student, Mu Xulong, who had seen our work in a Chinese design magazine and later at Notch festival 2008 in Beijing. Thank you Mu for bringing us to LAFA and also a big thanks to the presidents, professors and teachers at the universities we visited for their overwhelming hospitality and enthusiasm!

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