Date: October 2009
Client: Efterklang / Rumraket / 4AD

On february 22nd 2010 Efterklang released their third full length album, called 'Magic Chairs' on the record label 4AD.We have spent a very long time working on the album cover for this release, and we are very happy to present it here.

We did the design and art direction, and once again photographer Brian Buchard helped us with the photo for the actual album cover, which is taken at Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen.

A huge thanks to Brian Buchard, Thorvaldsens Museum and our amazing assistants Gry Futtrup Rasmussen and Linn Wie.

To read more about the process and see behind the scenes photos, go to our blog and learn more.



We drew a new logo for this release, inspired by musical notes, and classic roman capitals that have been chiseled into stone. Our goal was to create a type that was both light but still had clout, and could work well both with and without the artwork.


Add for danish music magazine Gaffa:


The first MP3 single modern drift is out now, and you can hear it on the Rumraket website here
Photo by Nan Na Hvass.


Sleeve for the 7" release with I Was Playing Drums and Me Me Me The Brick House.